The Arecibo Message

by Pulsar

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The Arecibo message concept

Since the so-called cold war between the USSR and the imperialist WEST, some enlightened minds in the world, began to mentally capture the radio waves coming from another planet.
In the beginning it was thought that everything was due to 'abundance of electromagnetic waves, sonar waves, which already began to surround the planet, but after a few years it has come to the conclusion that they did not come from planet earth.
Radio waves came from the planet Kepler 8 as a kind of radio station, these waves are transformed into melodies that resonated in the mind of this few people.
After years of research we have come to the conclusion that the subjects able to pick up the waves showed abnormal activity of the pineal gland.
Then came the day in which a subject in particular, a 36-year-old named Norman Crowley, was able to establish in the brain an inter-dimensional communication with the source of radio waves.
The scientific commission was therefore aware of the 'identity of this source, it was an intelligent being transmitted in' the music universe composed by him.
Through studies of these melodies you have come to the discovery of a binary code to 'internal compositions, code that includes a question about the' origin of life in the universe.
The continuous mental contact norman caused headaches to the subject of such a high extent that after a few months the same went into a coma.
The spirit of Norman had left his body and was now on its way to Kepler 8 at the behest of the mysterious creature ... Moltres.
Once his spirit was able to reach Kepler 8, Norman realized that the creature had the appearance of a bare tree, which gave off waves of his own figure, like a perpetual echo that faded in the 'ether.
Besides Norman were also other entities from around the 'universe, all gathered to learn about the meaning of life ... Moltres sang a song, revealing that the same is none other than the sequence of the original dna matrix that has given away to everything and that therefore the 'universe originated from a sound ... of the' universe sound.


released July 21, 2017

All songs are composed and recorded in Macomer (Sardinia) by Pulsar
between 2014 and 2016
Additional recordings at Tool Box Recording Davide Tempesta Macomer
CD cover - Giovanni Palma
Artwork - Pulsar

All rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
©2017 Pulsar


all rights reserved



Pulsar Macomer, Italy

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Track Name: What could be
What I have done, to my body and my soul
strange sounds occupy my thinking
and I feel them inside burn

maybe I'm slowly going mad
but I do not understand why

the sound will not stop, there is no cure
into the shuffling madness, I worry more...

maybe someone wants to tell me
I have no idea what it could be

What could it be
and I still feel like I'm dead
when the light is gone
Track Name: Thaw old without
What I have found
there is no sign no wound

thoughts now are not bound
there is no sign aroung

there is a hole in my soul
deep and black, where I try to live
to understand what appness
deep inside, from the bones to the heart
where I cry, and no one hears
Track Name: Fnord
I want to give it all to someone else
my head sounds like a million bells
a mistery aroung these strange sounds
A wonder come from the underground?

Have a look to all voices inside my head

If there was a compelling reason
I'd like to see this in you
if happened a change of season

I would like to see this in you
inside you again
why does it happen now?

lost into the welter of the voices inside my head
no one can understand, and I feel like I'm almost dead
forces leave my body it does not react to the pain
and no one can stop it continue again and again
Track Name: Spiral
I feel like Sunday morning
as if I had nothing to do
where I am, there are no warnings
the planets are pink and the stars are blue

I float and swim into the cosmos
I'm talking to myself through my mind
I do not know if I'm dead but almost
I can look aroung even if blind

oh my God
if I could show you all these universes
I know I'm not alone
I understand that in all the languages
there is God
Track Name: Dutch clover
How you spent
the time, it went
you're present
no one is absent

this event
to understand
this is the segment
who created the present

there is no God
that moves these strings
retinal rod
now open like doors

religions are over
to shape the minds
in dutch clover
your same origin as mine?
Track Name: The Arecibo message
Life is too short
fast like a breath
no support
violent death

the visions inside my mind

redemption now
is not a choice
you do not know how
I get out my voice

the visions inside my mind


after life

we come from the oceans
the oceans of stars

we come from the oceans
the oceans of stars
Track Name: Another life
Waiting too long can weaken
I'm waiting fo it to be over

I do not believe what I'm seeing
in my life I never dreamed
I do not believe what I'm seeing
in my life I never dreamed
do not think there will be another life

waiting too long smashes the mind
all what I knew I left behind
I do not believe what I'm seeing
in my life I never dreamed
I do not believe what I'm seeing
in my life I never dreamed
do not think there will be another life

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